Foreign Missions


George & Martha Mixon – Children: Laura, Carrie, Nathan, Beth, & Jim

Missions Work: They are a part of World Harvest Missions, ministering to a church in Losho, visiting elderly homes, and orphanages.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for wisdom in how to best communicate the rich truth about what Christ has done for us.
  • Pray that rather than the cultural issues being a barrier to understanding the fullness of the Gospel, they would only increase the amazement that Kenyans feel as they become aware of what it means to be the sons and daughters of the King of Kings!
  • That there would be unity, encouragement, and conviction to pray for each other among all those involved in World Harvest Mission throughout the world.
  • That God would bless and strengthen their marriage
  • That their ministries would thrive and bear much fruit.
  • That God would give them wisdom in all their work.

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Contact information:



Box 1773 – 00621, Village Market,
Nairobi, Kenya

Mail Support to:

Donations Processing Center
PO Box 1244
Albert Lea, MN 56007-1244
(indicate #51467 on the memo to sponsor the Mixon’s )


JJ Matandika

Mission Work: Starting a church plant in Mponela. JJ is also involved in other church plants and ministries in his homeland, and is working on finishing his studies with RTS.

Prayer Requests:

  • For for his family’s healthy and safety.
  • The Church plant in Mponela.
  • For fruitful studies with RTS.

Newsletter: November 2020 Issue

Support: Checks can be sent to Grace Church, with JJ Matandika mentioned on the memo.

Papua New Guinea

Brent and Erica Haberchak

Mission Work: Brent and Erica are working with New Tribes Missions as they help reach the unreached people of Papua New Guinea through aviation. To read all about the Haberchak’s Mission, click on the following LINK.

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Thailand & Cambodia

Rose Martinez with the Mercy Ministry Foundation

Missions Work: Christian Happy Homes Orphanage

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety and Health of the Ministry Workers and the Orphanage children
  • For the Spiritual Growth of the children at Christian Happy Homes
  • That God would continue to supply Qualified workers and financial support for this ministry.
  • That Rose and the other workers would be encouraged by Christ and witness the fruit of their labor – the glory of the Lord!

Recent Newsletter: MMF June Newsletter 2019

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 6 Changrai 57000

Mail Support to:
Christian Happy Homes
P.O. Box 6219
Visalia, CA 93277-6219


truthXchange – Dr. Peter Jones

Our name, truthXchange comes from something the Apostle Paul wrote to a church in first-century Rome, when the Pax Romana (imperial social harmony) claimed to unify the known world in peace and prosperity. Paul wanted Christians in his time to understand their culture, so they would know how to talk about the gospel of God to their neighbors and friends. Paul affirms counter-culturally that Roman society, however enjoyable for many, was based on a false premise. He speaks of the great exchange: human beings in rebellion “exchange the truth of God for the lie and worship and serve the creation rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25).

With a major flaw at its base—the sinful human heart—our well-intentioned utopian hope can quickly become hell on earth, as did the Roman utopia for Christians.

TruthXchange seeks to unpack what Paul meant in his day and what his words mean for our day. Whether spirituality comes from the inside or the outside makes a huge difference in everything we do and think. Are we alone in this vast impersonal cosmos, making our own rules, evolving (we hope) for the good of all? Or, are we part of a vast, intelligently made universe that is the work of a personal, distinct and glorious Creator, who has reached down in the redeeming love of Jesus to rescue us from ourselves? The implications of Paul’s analysis are volcanic.

Dr. Jones is the author of many books, including “Capturing the Pagan Mind: Pauls Blueprint for Thinking and Living in the New Global Culture” and “Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies: Can You Tell the Difference”


Dr Peter & Rebecca Jones
Escondido, CA  92033