Sermon Study Questions

Sermon Study Questions

Pastor James will post his Sermon Study Questions every Tuesday for the previous Sunday’s sermon. Our hope is for these study questions to promote deeper personal study and further edify our church body.

Sermon Study Questions for Sunday, June 14, 2020

Click for a pdf link: Sermon Study Q’s 6-14-20

1.       Read Matthew 6:19-34

2.       What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

3.       How do you view anxiety in the life of a Christian, whether in yourself or another?  What do you think is the right and biblical way to view it?

4.       In this passage, Jesus identifies some of the key anxiety-producers in us and some helpful remedies to assist us in battling anxiety.  The first anxiety-producer he identifies is having our treasure in the wrong place.  What does this mean?  How is it that this can produce anxiety?

5.       What does it mean to store up treasures in heaven?

6.       Another anxiety-producer Jesus identifies is found in v.22-23.  What does Jesus mean by this analogy?  How is it that this can produce anxiety?

7.       The third and final anxiety-producer Jesus identifies is serving the wrong master.  What does this mean and how is it that this can produce anxiety?

8.       What are the causes of anxiety in your life?  How are you addressing them?

9.       What practical application can you make from this text/sermon?

10.   Pray!