Sermon Study Questions

Sermon Study Questions

Pastor James will post his Sermon Study Questions every Tuesday for the previous Sunday’s sermon. Our hope is for these study questions to promote deeper personal study and further edify our church body.

Sermon Study Questions for Sunday, September 12, 2021

Click for a pdf link:  Sermon Study Q’s 9-12-21

1.      Read Galatians 3:1-14.

2.      Why is Paul so concerned about the Galatians?

3.      What is the specific error that the Galatians had imbibed?

4.      Paul quotes Genesis 15 in this passage. Why is that passage relevant to Paul’s argument?

5.      How does Paul contrast faith with works in this passage?

6.      How does the sermon illustration of the tightrope walker help us understand what Paul means by faith?

7.      Why are we unable to rely upon our works to save us?

8.      What does Paul say about the Spirit in this passage?

9.      How does this passage help you understand the role of works in the Christian life?

10.  Pray.