Weekly Catechism

Weekly Catechism

Every Lord’s Day at Grace Church we recite questions and answers from the Heidelberg Catechism with the purpose of growing in our faith and worshiping the Lord with our entire heart, soul, mind and strength. We will post here the questions and answers in order to further meditate on them, an thus edify our souls.

This past week we read Questions 32-34 covering Lord’s Day 12 & 13.

Heidelberg Catechism

(One question from Lord’s Day 12 and then we are caught up with Lord’s Day 13)

·         32. But why are you called a Christian? 
Because by faith I am a member of Christ, and thus a partaker of His anointing; in order that I also may confess His name; may present myself a living sacrifice of thankfulness to Him; and may with free conscience fight against sin and the devil in this life, and hereafter, in eternity, reign with Him over all creatures. 

·         33. Why is He called God’s only begotten Son, since we also are the children of God? 
Because Christ alone is the eternal, natural Son of God; but we are the children of God by adoption through grace for His sake. 

·         34. Why do you call Him our Lord? 
Because, not with silver and gold, but with His precious blood, He has redeemed and purchased us, body and soul, from sin and from all the power of the devil, to be His own.