Sermon Study Questions

Sermon Study Questions

Pastor James will post his Sermon Study Questions every Tuesday for the previous Sunday’s sermon. Our hope is for these study questions to promote deeper personal study and further edify our church body.

Sermon Study Questions for Sunday, May 15, 2022

Click for a pdf link: Sermon Study Q’s 5-15-22

1.      Read 1 John 4:7-12.

2.      In verses 7 and 8 how does John answer the question why we’re to love one another?

3.      What does John mean when he says God is love?

4.      How do we know the love of God according to John?

5.      What are the objects of God’s love and what does this say to us about the greatness of that love?

6.      What does propitiation mean and what does it say to us about the love of God?

7.      What does John mean when he says the love of God has been perfected in us?

8.      Where are we to look when we have doubts about God’s love for us?

9.      How does God’s love for us instruct us about how we’re to love one another?

10.  Pray.